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3 Importance of Potassium For The Body

Potassium is found in many foods, especially fruits, vegetables and fish. Banana, avocado, mushrooms, salmon, sweet potato and spinach are rich sources of potassium. Here are some importance of potassium for the body.

1. Potassium Is Important for the Nervous System.

The nervous system relays messages between your brain and body. These messages are delivered in the form of nerve impulses and help regulate your muscle contractions, heartbeat, reflexes and many other body functions . Getting enough potassium from your diet can help you maintain healthy nerve function.

2. Potassium Helps Regulate Muscle and Heart Contractions.

The nervous system helps regulate muscle contractions. The mineral is also important for a healthy heart, as its movement in and out of cells helps maintain a regular heartbeat. When the heart does not beat properly, it cannot effectively pump blood to the brain, organs and muscles.

3. It Can Reduce Water Retention.

Water retention happens when excess fluid builds up inside the body. Potassium can be used to treat water retention. High potassium intake can help reduce water retention by increasing urine production and reducing sodium levels.

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