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Which Fruits Are Good For Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are made of minerals, calcium which is what bones are made of, oxalate which is rare but comes from plants and binds with calcium to get rid of extra calcium in humans. Salts, Calcium phosphate, or maleate which are salts, urate acid. By far the kidney stone is most often made of calcium too much that the body can’t get rid of it. That is when oxalates attach to the calcium forming stones drop by drop. Or salt which can bond with the calcium or form a salt stone which is the most painful stones.

You get them from being dehydrated, stop drinking anything with caffeine which will dehydrated you forming stones. Like Coffee, tea and soda. Kidney stones are a common disease. According to statistics, the global incidence of kidney stones is about 10% to 15%. According to traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, fruits rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin C have the effect of dissolving stones. Watermelon is a good source of vitamin B1 and vitamin C, kidney stone patients can try to eat more watermelon.

In addition, watermelon has a water content of up to 95%, which is a natural diuretic. It has a certain effect on expelling some small kidney stones. The formation of kidney stones is closely related to oxalic acid and calcium in food. Therefore, kidney stone patients should avoid eating fruits containing oxalic acid, such as blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, grapes, oranges, dates and tangerines. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday which will flush out minerals that clump and bind to form a stone.

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