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What color is your tongue? - Read what your tongue color says about your health

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.Do you know every diseases have its signs and symptoms? Most of the time,the signs might not be clear but a little tip can help you indicate what you need to treat.The tongue is a powerful part of the body that give us clue of our overall health.Most of the time,the color of our tongue looks different from normal.If it is not a stain of the food you ate,you should see your doctor. This is the natural color every healthy person must have.The colour of a healthy tongue is pink,devoid of stains and not coated .A yellow color indicate a diseases in the liver.we all know the functions of the liver.whenever the liver is affected,one of the signs are jaundice. Your body turns yellowish.Example is hepatitis,cirrhosis, malaria induced jaundice.A tongue coated with white indicate presence of a fungal infection and dehydration.Most of the times when a mother is having an infection,She end up having a baby with some white patches on the tongue.This indicates fungal infection and dehydration like candidiasis.

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