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People Born In This Month Have The Lowest Risk of Illness & Disease, Study Finds.

It's might sound farfetched to ever think that our birth month plays a role in our health system, that people born in a particular month are more or less immune to illnesses and diseases.

However it is the truth, according to researchers from the the Columbia University (published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association), people born in May have the lowest risk of illness and disease, while those born in October have the highest. The scientists developed an algorithm based on a medical records of 1.7 million patients treated at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Centre(UCMC).

Whiles comparing the data to 1,688 diseases using logistic regression, they concluded that about 55 diseases were significantly dependent on the month of birth. The report shows that people born particularly around May - June, are least susceptible to diseases. On the contrary, those born during January-April are most likely to suffer from a host of heart diseases. For people born in October, the chances of getting viral infection and respiratory diseases such as asthma are very high.

The researchers prove deeper to figure out the exact reason and by identifying the reason behind the disparities, the researchers hope to figure out a way to close that gap.

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