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Check out some of the world's facts you didn't know

There are so many facts in the world but today am good ones among them.please like my page.

A. Student s who drink water during an exam are likely to score 5% better than those who do not.

B. Animals also have emotion like humans. They just can't express but show it.

C. Tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water.

D. Three people once stole the secret recipe of Coke and contacted Pepsi to sell it. Pepsi immediately informed Coke and FBI about it.

E. In Japan, the rain water is stored so it can be used to clean the street later.

F. Hearing your name when nobody is calling you is a sign of a healthy mind.

G. The skeleton flower's petal become transparent when it rains.


I. In the west side of Sydney there is 102 old ship, which has turned into floating forest.


K. "Tibetan Mastiff"world's most expensive dog worth $1.5 million.

L. Apple is made up of 25% air, that's why they float in water.

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C. Tea Coke Japan Pepsi Sydney


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