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Maintaining a healthy prostate.

Maintaining a healthy prostate is especially important for men over the age of 50. As men age, they become at higher risk for potential health problems, most specifically health risks to the prostate. When it comes to prostate problems, eating right, exercising and living a responsible lifestyle is an excellent defence. But it may not always be enough. Men (especially over the age of 50) need to be vigilant about their prostate health. Tracking and maintaining their prostate health on a regular basis is the best way to do this. We’ve all heard the horror stories of surgery…and you and I both know those heavily-marketed prescription drugs carry some dangerous side effects. That’s why so many men have ignored symptoms like…

Painful urination

Frequent “urge and emergency” trips to the bathroom

Weak or “dribbling” urine stream Insomnia (inability to sleep) caused by urgency to urinate

Even “performance” anxiety in bed This is very frustrating

And I haven’t even mentioned the embarrassment prostate problem can cause in the bedroom.

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