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Laugh out your lungs with these words and meaning

If you just in ,then come in take a seat and let me give you that words you hear everyday and funny meaning that will kill you boredom.

Let drive.


Is when someone asks you for salt and you said that your mom counted it

Cause Trouble

Is when you enter inside a restaurant and noticed that all the men in there are with a lady each,then you decide to make a fake call with your china phone ," Hello,my man I saw your wife with a man in a resturant ,come quick quick " after that you looked around but behold all the ladies don disappear.

Heart Attack 

Is when your wife is pregnant and also your girlfriend is pregnant"Double Blessing".

Lost of memory 

Is when you are looking for your phone without knowing that you are with it and someone called you ,you picked up the phone and say "Bros abeg call me back I dey find my phone "


Is when you touched your pocket and you didn't feel your phone.


Is after you have been punished by a soilder and you climbed your okada and say"thunder fire you ", you start your okada but it didn't respond.


Is when you stole a meat from your mother's pot and forget whether the spoon is placed upwards or downwards .


After standing for one hour in queue under the hot sun just because you want to withdraw some money through the ATM and finally it was your turn then you noticr that you are with voters card instead of ATM .

Ememy Of Progress 

Is when you read all this and you can't give a comment and share.

    Did I kill you boredom .laughing is medicine try and laugh several times a day but don't laugh without anything happening cus that one is madness.Thank you

Content created and supplied by: Pharoah (via Opera News )

Double Blessing Heart Attack Wahala


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