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Know this special reality and come out from dilemma

Podophobia is a condition that makes individuals experience outrageous uneasiness whenever they're presented to feet. The tension is serious to such an extent that you may put forth an admirable attempt to abstain from contacting or in any event, seeing feet. 

Analysts aren't sure precisely what causes podophobia. Be that as it may, there are approaches to progressively diminish the force of the dread so it has less impact on your personal satisfaction 

What is podophobia 

Predominance of fear 

The National Institutes of Mental Health gauge that 12% of all grown-ups experience a particular fear in any event once in the course of their life 

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) doesn't list podophobia explicitly — yet that doesn't mean this dread of feet isn't genuine 

Similarly as with other explicit fears, podophobia causes a level of dread that is extreme and messed up with regards to any peril presented by the actual item 

For certain individuals with podophobia, the dread is serious to the point that simply contemplating the chance of openness to feet — regardless of whether exposed or with socks or shoes on — can meddle with the capacity to work at home, at school, at work, or in friendly circumstance 

Furthermore, staying away from the dreaded article can take a great deal of time and energy. Endeavoring to keep away from openness to feet may hold you back from achieving every day task 

What are the indications of podophobia 

Podophobia can cause a forceful enthusiastic and physiological response, including indications like 

a sensation of dread or frenzy 

a sensation of nauseate 


a quick heartbeat 



chest snugness 




Individuals encountering alarm from a fear may likewise freeze up, lash out, or stick to someone else 

At times, these side effects can be momentary or just happen once. In these cases, you might not have built up a fear 

You have encountered indications like these for a half year or more, because of rehashed openness to escape 

These side effects upset your life when they do happen 

What causes podophobia 

Analysts don't know precisely what causes podophobia. One hypothesis is that you may have shaped a relationship between the dreaded item — for this situation, feet — and an encounter you discovered disturbing or alarming 

The association between the startling occasion and the item may be not difficult to see, for example, fearing feet in the event that you encountered an agonizing or horrible scene of misuse that elaborate another person's charge 

Yet, the association may not be so clear. The intellectual and natural systems of fears according to injury aren't completely perceived and can fluctuate for each individual

Another hypothesis is that you may have heard another person depicting a specific threat so regularly that you disguise the other individual's dread 

Hereditary segment of phobia

A 2014 studyTrusted Source proposes a hereditary segment to fears, however there aren't any examinations that investigate this comparable to podophobia explicitly 

Some more seasoned exploration from 2003Trusted Source shows that family ancestry may assume a significant part in the advancement of fears. At the end of the day, you may acquire the inclination to have a phobia

How is podophobia analyze 

In the event that you experience extreme dread or nervousness when presented to feet and these side effects meddle with your capacity to perform every day assignments or make the most of your life, talk with a medical services or psychological well-being proficient, like an essential consideration doctor or a specialist 

To make a finding, they will probably ask you inquiries about

what triggers your manifestations (in case you're ready to review general or explicit situations when your fear indications occur

how long your side effects have persistent

what parts of your life your side effects disrupt

Finding of a particular fear regularly includes recognizing a few of the accompanying 

a quick, exceptional nervousness response

indications that hold you back from working in a solid manner in some space of your life

manifestations that aren't clarified by another condition or finding.

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