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Eat One Spoon Daily To Cure Diabetes | Scientifically Proven That | Food For Diabetes | Yogurt

Yogurt is a common edible item available in any Indian kitchen -- specifically in southern part of India. Yogurt is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, great for gut health and digestion. But, what about diabetes? Is yogurt good or not?

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Before, we discuss further on this, it is to be noted that yogurt can be a great nutrient-dense breakfast option. An unsweetened and Greek-style yogurt has excellent, rich number of proteins. This also implies that it has less carbohydrate content which means yogurt won’t cause sugar spikes. What could be the better news for diabetic than this!

However, the benefits of Yogurt doesn't end here. Let us share you some of the more additional benefits.

Yogurt can help with obesity : Obesity can worsen the condition of diabetic. Yogurt helps prevent this through its good bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics in fermented foods like yogurt improves the gut health. Gut health and other healthy functioning of the body can play a key role in the control of diabetes.

Yogurt translates in better insulin resistance levels : A research has recommended that the eating yogurt is associated with

lower levels of glucose and insulin resistance.

Yogurt is low in Glycemic Index : GI, which is an important factor to decide whether one should consume a particular food or not is in the favur of yogurt. This makes them ideal for people with diabetes.

Types of yogurt

You will be amazed to know that there are a variety of options when it comes to yogurt.

Greek? Icelandic? Australian? and many more. You may be wondering whether one style is more diabetes-friendly.

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