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Killer Instincts: Meet the CIA agent that Poisoned Bob Marley, why Bob refused treatment for cancer

There had been series of high profile assassinations of counter-culture figures in the United States especially black revolutionaries and freedom fighters in the late sixties and early seventies.

The Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) agent, Bill Oxley, who had worked for over 29 as a secret operative with top level security clearance admitted to have killed the King of Reggae, Robert Nesta Marley.

The 79-year old operative claims he committed several assassinations between March 1974 and August 1985, at a time when the CIA has had enough of Bob Marley to eliminate him, simply because he was empowering the black community with his music.

The minority black populace were under constant persecution from an overwhelming white supremacists who often targeted and molested them.

Most of his victims were political activists, journalists and union leaders and also assassinated some scientists, medical researchers and musicians.

He said "He was succeeding in creating a revolution that used music as a more powerful tool than bullets and bombs. Bob Marley in1978 was a serious threat to the global status quo and to the hidden power brokers implementing their plan for a new world order."

He narrated that, the assassination plan began when Bob Marley was shot by the CIA in his his left arm but managed to survive and after receiving treatment at the hospital retreated to the blue mountains to spend some time at the highest point in Jamaica.

He posed as a photo-journalist and presented to Bob Marley a pair of Converse All stars shoes which had a fixed a tiny nail tainted with cancer virus.

When Bob tried it on the right shoe, it pierced his skin and that was how he contracted the cancer virus which would eventually lead to his death.

Why did Bob Marley refuse treatment for cancer? It simple, Bob Marley was a devout Rastafarian so he refused doctors advise to have his toe amputated, when he was diagnosed with a melanoma in his toe in 1977.

He refused on grounds that it would possibly interfere with his performing and it was against his Rastafarian beliefs. A few years later, it had spread to his brain.

He passed in 1981. Doctors could have stopped the spread but he opted instead for a less invasive solution. The Rastafarian belief is based on the book of Leviticus 21:15 in the old testament and the torah.

"They shall no make baldness upon their heads, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beards, nor make any cuttings in their flesh."

The king of reggae will always be remembered,

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