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Blend Coconut With Tiger Nuts (Atadwe)-Drink Daily To Cure These 2 Diseases

Tiger nuts are the best meals for increasing libido, alleviating erection difficulties, preventing diabetes, improving digestion, and providing more milk to breastfeeding mothers.

Tiger nut and coconut milk are two of the most nutritious milky beverages available, combining vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to fight disease.

Let's see what diseases they can control, treat, or prevent now that they're mixed in one jar. But first, let's get the milky beverage ready. Don't forget to read the cautionary note at the bottom.

How To Prepare 'Atadwe' And Coconut Milk Drink

Ingredients needed are Tiger nuts-2 dried or fresh cups, Coconut-1/2 as shown in the above picture, and Dates (optional).


To soften the ingredients, soak them overnight in separate containers. Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender. Please remove the seeds from the dates and don't use too many because of the sugar content.

The beverage can be served warm or cooled, but it is best served chilled.

'Atadwe' And Coconut Milk Beverage Have Many Health Benefits.

As previously stated, the milky beverage can be used to treat, prevent, and treat a variety of ailments, including:

1. Constipation:

Indigestion(constipation) occurs when food is not properly digested, resulting in gastrointestinal issues. This beverage contains a crucial compound that nourishes the good bacteria in your gut and aids digestion.

2.Heart problems

Coconut and tiger nuts have both played an important part in the prevention of heart disease. They include antioxidants that protect cells from harm, lowering the risk of heart disease.


Due to the addition of coconut, the milky beverage may be heavy in calories. As a result, we recommend that you just consume it on occasion or avoid it altogether if you are struggling with weight gain.

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