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Photos: Apam; a town in pain and as it buries 13 teens

The Central Region town of Apam was on Tuesday, March 17, tossed into a condition of howling and anguish when the suffocated 13 teens were let go in a joint internment function at the public burial ground in Apam. 

Little did the teens who went delighting on Sunday, March 7, realize that it was the last time they will swim in ocean at the Apam Beach. 

The more than 20 young people had joined their different partners at the sea shore to swim as a component of the town's end of the week sea shore amusement called Sunday Special, yet that was not to be. 

As per sources the youngsters were swimming when a solid wave struck and cleared them away. 

A pursuit party was subsequently coordinated yet they were simply ready to save two of them Simon Dadzie and Godfred Apeatse . 

The recovery of dormant bodies tossed the town into a condition of grieving and they stood out as truly newsworthy across the world. 

Individuals continued posing the straightforward inquiry; how is it possible that this would have occurred? Yet, it was past the point of no return as families, companions and supporters grieve their misfortune. 

It will require some investment to have returned to its effervescent best as Tuesday's arrival of the bodies to the families was one more day to forget for the fishing local area. 

At the joint internment administration coordinated in the vicinity of the medical clinic, the occupants met to offer their final appreciation while others line up along the roads crying and crying. 

The circumstance turned out to be sincerely charged during the entombment administration when specialists of the perished schools did a move call to cancel their names from the school register. 

This occurred while the families individuals remained behind the final resting places of

their withdrew ones and cried harshly

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Apam Central Region


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