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Leishmaniasis: The Disease That Destroy Your Whole Skin

The name may be scary but it is a life threatening disease however, cutaneous leishmaniasis can have devastating effects on local communities. 

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is the most common form of leishmaniasis. It is caused by over 15 different species of the protozoan parasite Leishmania, transmitted by infected female sandflies.

There are 3 main forms of leishmaniases – visceral (also known as kala-azar, which is and the most serious form of the disease), cutaneous (the most common), and mucocutaneous.

The disease affects some of the poorest people on earth, and is associated with malnutrition, population displacement, poor housing, a weak immune system and lack of financial resources.

It causes disfiguring skin lesions that can leave life-long scars and lead to severe social stigma, especially for women and children. Consequences include ostracism, less education, and economic loss. 

Where it occurs

The disease is found everywhere in the world except Australia and Antarctica. However, about 95 percent of cutaneous cases occur in:

the Americas

Central Asia

the Mediterranean basin

the Middle East

In 2015 over 90 percentTrusted Source of visceral cases occurred in:






South Sudan


Signs or Symptoms

Some people have a silent infection, without any symptoms or signs. People who develop clinical evidence of infection have one or more sores on their skin. The sores can change in size and appearance over time. The sores may start out as papules (bumps) or nodules (lumps) and may end up as ulcers (like a volcano, with a raised edge and central crater); skin ulcers may be covered by scab or crust. The sores usually are painless but can be painful.


Treatment consists of medications that are specific to the type of leishmaniasis, the species of the parasite, and to the country in which the patient acquired the disease.

Consultation with an infectious disease consultant can assist with diagnosis and treatment of cases imported into the United States.

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