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Report yourself to the Hospital before Anything Happens -Director Of Fisheries To Ghanaians

Following the fishes that were found dead at the Shore of the coastal areas in Ghana. The director of Fisheries at the Ministry of Fisheries and aquaculture Mr Michael Arthur has dropped another tough message to all Ghanaians who have eaten those type of fish. He said they should seek medical care before anything happen.

She stated it's not safe for Ghanaians to consume those fishes and its have bad health implications for all those who have used some of those fishes to prepare their meal.

Already before the news came some of the individuals have taken some of the fishes which were found dead at the shore of the sea to the market to sell.

He added they have now taken some of the fishes to the lab for further investigation, so until they're done with their investigation nobody should eat some of the fish. He told 3 News in an interview he had with them.

I'm case you have eaten some of the fish peace reports yourself to the hospital before any calamity will fall on you.

The Acting Director of Fisheries commission in the western region Alhassan Arafat Salifu also added they are going round all the beach to make that announcement for the people to be aware.

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