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Use Guava Leaves To Treat The Following Diseases Safely.

Guava leaves can be used in the treatment of many diseases such as weight loss, lower cholesterol, diarrhea and dysentery, toothaches and many other related diseases.

Natural herbs were given by nature to help treat our diseases.

Without wasting much time let's take a lot of guava leaves as shown in the picture below.

Use guava leaves to treat the following diseases safely without any harm.

1) Aid in weight loss:

Guava leaves aid in weight loss by preventing the complex starches from being converted into sugar for this purpose,the carbs must be broken down in the liver for to use by the body and the leaves of Guava prevents the transition of carbohydrates to enable compound.

Boil the leaves of Guava and take three times daily to reduce your weight.

2) Beneficial For Diabetic :

Guava leaf tea can effectively lower blood glucose in diabetics by reducing the alpha- glucosidease enzyme activity.

It also prevents the absorption of sucrose and maltose by the body, thereby lowering blood sugar levels.

Drink guava leaf tea for 12 weeks to lowers the blood sugar levels without increasing insulin production.

3) It lowers cholesterol:

Research has proved that drinking guava leaf as tea for 3 months can lead to the reduction in LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides without any adverse effect on good cholesterol.

4) Treatment of diarrhea and dysentery;

Guava leaves are herbal remedy for diarrhea and dysentery.

For treating diarrhea, boil 30 grams of guava leaves with handful of rice flour in 1 to 2 glasses of water and drink this concoction twice a day.

In case of dysentery, cut the roots and leaved of guava plant and boil them for 20 minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees and strain the water for drinking in moderation until relived.

5) Aids in digestion ;

Guava leaf tea aids in digestion by stimulating digestive enzyme production.

The powerful antibacterial agents kill bacteria in the lining of the gut and stop proliferation of toxic enzyme by bacteria.

6) Treatment of bronchitis;

Guava leaf is effective in treating bronchitis by opening lungs, loosening mucus and soothing coughs.

7) Treatment of toothache, sore throats and gum diseases;

Due to their antiinflammatory qualities, fresh guava leaves can relieve tooth ache, heal gum and mouth sores and treat sore throats when used for gargling, the antibacterial agent in these leaves protect the teeth and gums and therefore guava leaves are used as an ingredient in toothpastes and mouth fresheners.

Take in guava leaves when boiled in other to treat sore throats etc.

8) Treatment of wound and infections;

Guava leaves have great healing properties that can treat wounds such as cuts, impact abrasion and many more.

Take guava leaves tea to cure your wounds.

9) Treatment of acne and black spots;

Acne and black spots are quite annoying as they adversely affects the appearance if your skin.

Guava leaves are effective in eliminating scene and black spits from the skin.

For this purpose mach guava leaves and apply it on the acne and black spots and rinse with water after sometime.

This should be done daily.

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