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How To Add More Years To Your Life With Good Health.

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Organic Seed Mix.

The secret of getting all the amazing benefits of nuts and seeds is to eat them regularly.Just a teaspoon a day is all you need. Here is a idea called "organic seed mix". You can add a tablespoon of this organic seed mix to your cooked porridge or tea every morning. The mix is made up of four different types of seed-sesame, Flax, Sunflower and Pumpkin seed. You can also add Black seed,Mustard seed or Almond seed if available.

To help the organic seed last longer,you need to heat or roast the seed. Do this by placing the seeds in a clean pot on medium heat or fire, and stir regularly. Makes sure you do not burn it. After five minute remove the seed and allow it to cool. Finally, blend or grind the seeds into powder,You can whizz the seeds in a blender for a minute or stamp them using pestle and palm mortar for few minutes.

This organic seed mix is best stored in a cool,dry place or in a refrigerator.

One tablespoon of this organic seed can add years to your life.

Flax Seed

Pumpkin seed

Black seed

Almond seed

Sesame seed

Sun flowers seed

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Almond Black Flax Organic Seed Mix Pumpkin


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