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Don't you think doctors are too quick with charging people?

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In life there are a lot of difficulties, and no one can predict what happens next. Events can occur anything, anywhere, when you don't expect. Day in day out, many lose something in their life. Accidents occur, people get injured, and some don't survive. All these events cause a change in people's life. That's why we have hospitals to go to for help, if we encounter any of these events. But that's not our topic for today.

Many times have people gone to hospitals for help, eventually some are lucky and some not. And I think it's a problem that needs to be solved, for everyone to have a fair treatment.

Doctors should ease up with charging people.

Usually, before any surgery or operation takes place, doctors will charge you for that. When you look at things from their point of view, it is understandable. But also it is troubling for people who don't have. This seems to be harsh because, if the person can't afford to pay for the surgery, then the patient is obviously going to die. Sometimes I wonder why those people became doctors, is it because they wanted to save life's. If so, then why then do they always charge money before operating. Everyone is this world is not rich, we're all just trying out best to make it. So instead doctors should at least consider their patients, every life matters so it is not because of money that you'd let a person suffer.

What you should do instead.

If doctors are so worried that after the treatment, maybe the people refuse to pay the money. Then why not have them sign an agreement paper or something, so that if they refuse to pay, then there's the right to send the issue to court. That way it seems fair, and they'll definitely pay to avoid crises. And also less people will have to die.

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