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Final words of Joyce Dzidzor today leaves Ghanaians in tears

We might overlook certain challenges of people at a point because we feel they don’t need the help they claim they need at a particular moment and these issues have resulted in many other unfortunate situations. The issue of suicides itself has climbed the ladder with regards to its rate and this is mostly because some of these victims were not heard and were left alone to battle their issues. Joyce Dzidzor has not had it easy in the past few months.

It is safe to say that there has been a serious issue with her battling her HIV status and also battling other depressing issues. Before she became the HIV/AIDS ambassador in Ghana, she revealed how she battled the disease and didn’t know how to let the mindset of being positive for the disease sit with her throughout her life. She claims she was used and bullied by the aids commission and this sums up to her worries, leading her into a mental hospital.

She currently has her son taken away from her and this is what has worsened her situation forcing her to do or act the way she is acting at the moment. In a post made by her today, she revealed that all she hears or senses is death and that’s because she can’t watch her son to be given into permanent adoption. This means she’ll lose her child forever and this is something she cannot live with. She has her son taken from her and that’s because they claims she’s unstable and not fit to cater for him.

The issue has broken her down and broken her to her core and has forced her into making this post to social media hours after she made a live video crying out loud for help as she loses her child. See the post made by Joyce below:

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