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COVID-19: The Good And The Bad

We are not in normal times, has become the normal phrase of the day. This is due to the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) a disease belonging to the SARS strain of viruses. The virus started originally from the Wuhan province of China, and was across the globe in a matter of months killing millions of people during the first wave and several others in the second wave.

The virus which is mainly transmitted through contact and also airborne has caused a drastic effect in many aspects of life. Right from a severe change in our normal everyday routines, to world economy.

Countries closed their borders which affected the trading of certain specialized commodities and services which in turn caused a shortage and in some cases a price increase of certain commodities. It has now become a norm to see people moving about with facemask on. But some recalcitrant people still refuse to adhere to the simple rule, which is meant to protect them and those in close proximity to them.

You step out to town and you can seriously count the number of people walking about either with their facemask in hand or in their pockets. I mean I am left wondering if these people care at all for their own wellbeing or they are simply oblivious to the danger the virus poses.

Like it or not the Corona Virus has come to stay and has become a part of our everyday lives. Yes, finally a vaccine has being found after a year of recording the first cases, but not a cure. Which should make us more careful, because a country like Ghana does not have the means to provide every citizen with the vaccine yet. We have started vaccinating front line workers and those above the age of 60. A good start, but that does not mean we can start being reckless. Because once you contract the virus, you stand a fifty - fifty chance of surviving, depending on how strong your immune system is or if you have any underlying health conditions. So your safest bet is to adhere to the safety protocols of wearing of facemask, washing of hands regularly with soap under running water and the sanitizing of hands with alcohol based sanitizers.

These protocols will only work so long as we also practice social distancing and avoiding going to crowded places. Because they only tend to increase your likely of rendering your facemask useless. We are only going to survive this pandemic if you do your part as I do my part. More so, I believe the relevant authorities are not doing much to enforce the rule of wearing of the facemask especially in public areas. Because it takes just one infected person to spread, or contaminate an area or person to lead to spreading of the virus. If some of the people who refuse to wear the mask in public are brought to book and made public, it will serve as a deterrent to others who are towing such lines to desist from doing so.

This only works if we all do our part to curtail the spreading of the virus. Like our President says at the end of every update, this too shall pass.

On the other hand the outbreak of the Corona Virus saw some positives as well. Because it caused more people to become innovative, with new inventions and some modifications to suit the times. The popular saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”; became very apparent during this period. We were forced to adapt to new ways of doing things when sanctions were imposed along with lockdowns, which saw a general shutdown of imports. This meant people had to find alternatives to things that would have been imported in other to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their lives. This caused more companies that were operating to go digital and open online portal for their customers to order from home and have it delivered right a t their doorsteps. This in a way created more jobs for those who were in the delivery business. So let’s say all in all the outbreak of the Corona Virus was not all bad, it did bring some positives as well. With even some families getting to spend time together for the first time in a very long while, when the lockdown was imposed.


Felix Kwasi Annan

Content created and supplied by: Felix_Kwasi_Annan (via Opera News )

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