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Guys: Use Apple To Attract Love, Wisdom, Wealth And Prosperity Forever, See How To Use It.

Magical Properties of Fruit: Apple Magic & Its Uses

The apple is one of the most magical fruits IMO. If you cut it in half horizontally, the sign of the pentagram is hidden within. Apples are linked to the Otherworld (Avalon) and to the Goddess, therefore, are potent fruits to eat or include in a divination session. They are also linked to love and healing. Ever heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Dry apple slices and add them to magical teas, spell bags, desserts, and more!

Pour a libation of apple juice to encourage wisdom. 

In Western lore, apples strongly symbolize knowledge and self-awareness. Pour a libation of apple juice during your next ritual to ask for the gift of insight or to seek help with life decisions.

Include apples in spells to avert temptation. 

Apples may be used in weight loss spells or spells for seekers fighting addictive patterns. Bury an apple with tobacco (or another symbol of vice) and light a candle every night for a full moon cycle to support earnest efforts at breaking negative habits.

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