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Newly hired mortuary-man screams for help as 'corpse' wakes up on his first day at work

Working in a mortuary is or can be the fearsome work a person can ever experience in his or her life.

Individuals who do mortuary jobs are very rare in the society because of how scary the job can be.

Imagine being in a mortuary room alone with many dead bodies as a newly hired mortuary attendant and then suddenly one of the corpses wakes up and walks to grab you. That was the fearsome experience a young man had on his first day at work as a mortuary attendant after his superiors pranked him, apparently as a way of testing whether he had what it takes to do the job. This prank will be funny on the side of the seniors but very disturbing to the new worker because he is obviously new in the job.

In Ghana, mortuary workers are not very fortunate in terms of salary, facilities and other staffs despite the difficulty of their work.

According to reports, about 99 percent of kids or people in the world don't willingly offer themselves to this job and almost every single one of them has his or her own idea behind their decisions.

Despite the fear put in peoples brain yet still the government get people to enroll for this job.

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