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Reasons Why Most Women Get Breast Cancer

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Today we are going to learn about breast cancer .

Breast cancer occurs when there is an abnormal growthof cell tissues from the breast. Is the most leading type of cancer in women accounting for 25% of all cases.

Causes: breast cancer, luke other cancers occurs because of interaction between the environmental factors and genetically susceptible host.cells becomes cancerous when lose the ability to stop dividing to attach to other cells , to stay where they belong and die at a proper time.

Risk factors;consumption of alcohol and beverages

2. Lack of child bearing

3.lack of breastfeeding

4. Obesity

5.High levels of certain hormones

6.Child bearing control methods

7.Family history of breast cancer

8.risk to radiation

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer;

1. No pain

2.lump in the armpits

3.change in the shape ,size or feel of the breast or nipples eg:redness

4. Nipple discharges

Diagnostic investigations :

1.Breast examinations

2. Mammography



1. Maintaining a healthy weight

2 drinking less alcohol

3.breastfeeding children

4.self breast examinations 7days after menstruation.


1. Lymph edema


3.seroma infection

Don't forget to report to your doctor when you expirence early signs of the symptoms. Help save life.

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