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Using The Leaves Of Fresh Lime Orange To Prevent Toothache

Toothache has become common now of these days which is affecting many youth of us, at first toothache was affecting the aged and not the teenagers but as for now toothache has become the common disease which are affecting the youths.

Are you suffering from toothache or tooth problems ? If so then no need to worry because after this article i will highlight you on how to cure your toothache with the leaves of fresh lime orange.If you are experiencing pains in tooth or within around the teeth, do not panic and don't waste time on painkillers, do not try pulling off the innocent tooth or teeth and the surrounding gums around the teeth as result as bacteria and germs.

To prevent your toothache follow the procedures below;

Items needed:

1) the leaves of fresh lime orange

2) hot local gin drink

Method or procedures;

1) take five to seven leaves of lime orange

2) squeeze it well

3) apply it to the region of the teeth which is leading you into pains.

4) allow it to stay for five minutes

5) Put 5ml hot gin drink in your mouth

6) rinse the mouth with the hot drink

7) repeat for 2days

All worms in the teeth will die and give you freedom from pains in the tooth

Please note;

Do not drink the hot gin drink put rather use it to rinse your mouth.

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Content created and supplied by: Asaliwe (via Opera News )

Lime Orange Toothache


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