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Possible causes of Prof. Samuel Anim's sudden Stroke attack on live Television [Opinion]

It came to the notice of the public that, Professor Samuel Kobina Anim who is the Boss of Ghana Statistical Service has suffered a mild stroke on air while giving a speech. He was then rushed to the hospital for immediate health care. It came as a surprise to many Ghanaians as to how the incident happened during the time of delivering a speech on live television. Most at times when such unfortunate incident happens, it is better proper investigations and analysis should be done to ascertain the real cause of the condition.

If you take a critical look at the video, you will realise that his speech was stuttered or slurred and was standing without uttering a word. His hands were shivering as well as going back and forth. There are many conditions that might have caused what we saw or happened that day.

What are the Possible causes or Conditions?

1. Hypoglycaemia (Low Blood Sugar)

This is a life-threatening condition that can cause sudden collapse or fainting. It may be that, Professor Anim didn't eat before mounting the podium to give his speech. When it happens like that, there might be possible sign of what happened. What he exhibited could be as a result of low blood sugar.

Signs and symptoms of Hypoglycaemia.

1. Profuse sweating.

2. Light-Headedness.

3. Mental confusion

4. Slurred speech

5. Tremor (unsteady movement or Shaky of the body)

6. Fainting

7. Headache

When you look at the listed signs above, most of them were exhibited by him so it might happened that, it was hypoglycaemia instead of stroke.

2. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

On the contrary, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or mild stroke too could be the cause because there was a sign to prove. TIA also presents with Poor coordination / movement, slurred speech or impaired voice, fainting, light headedness, etc. When we deduce from the signs and symptoms, either hypoglycaemia or TIA could be the cause so doctors have to differentiate and rule out the actual cause of his ailment with lab investigations.

3. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Another possible cause of his aliment is Hypertension. Hypertension is a silent killer and can be with one without presenting any sign. When the BP is high, a lot of things happen in the body due to the pressure. In most cases, when one is diagnosed, he or she can be put on medications to manage it. It may also be that, he has been diagnosed of the condition and has defaulted his medications. That is another big no for hypertension. If it is left untreated, it can cause serious health problems especially stroke.

The above mentioned conditions might be the cause of the sad incident during the public address. We wish him well to recover soon.

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