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Research proves that these 4 common foods can kill you instantly when you eat them.

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Have you ever tried to cook the stems and leaves of some plant? Have you ever tried to taste some berries you find on some plant? Or have you tried to cook some anonymous vegetables but wondered if they would be safe for your consumption? Are there some types of fresh fish or animals we have to avoid protecting our lives? In this article, I would discuss with you some foods you should avoid to protect yourself from dying young.

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1. Almonds.

You may be surprised why almonds could be dangerous to your health. Almonds are produced in two types. That is sweet almonds and bitter almonds. Bitter almonds taste bitter about forty times as sweet almonds. In The United States of America, there are bans on the production of bitter almonds. This is because according to some researches conducted, unpasteurized almonds are highly toxic and therefore can kill humans faster. Countries such as Australia produce the highest amount of sweet almonds because untreated bitter almonds takes many lives quickly. When bitter almonds are not pasteurized, they are treated with a chemical known as propylene.

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2. Raw cashew.

In 1982, cashews brought from Mozambique and sold by some traders led to exposure to dermatitis, which led to several investigations by the CDC. Cashews contain toxin urushiol which are then heated to reduce their effects on humans. When raw cashews are allowed to be eaten, people who are allergic to toxin urushiol may suffer a lot. They may even lose their life's when care is not taken. Always be prudent before you consume cashews.

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3. Counter Oil seed.

It contains ricing, a toxin which can cause severe illness and even death. In food processing industries, it is used as flavoring in toffee and chocolates. The oil in the seed an extracted by pressing the seed, and it is used as skin cares and hair relaxers. This seeds are rich in ricin - one of the world's most dangerous toxins.

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4. The death cup mushroom.

The death cup mushroom is responsible for 90% death rate caused by mushrooms. The most basic toxin found in these mushrooms are the alpha amanitin. When it is eaten, its symptoms appears within five to ten hours. It comes with severe headache, abdominal pain, urinal disorders, vomiting and severe dehydration.

Studies suggest that humans should cautious when dealing with these foods.

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