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I Have Regretted Eating Like A Thief; Training At The Gym To Lose Weight Is Difficult - Lady Says

There are a lot of ladies who love food so much and sometimes eat more than what the body needed. Others also eat very late at night and refuse to exercise their bodies regularly. This leads to their bellies becoming too big and making them look unsexy. And it is the dream of most women to have a flat tummy.

The woman in your picture has regretted eating junk food. According to what she posted on Twitter, she has been eating like a thief and this has made her stomach big. The lady was captured at the gym doing all she can to get her shape back. But she stated that training at the gym to lose weight is not an easy job.

This is because she has trained at the gym for a couple of months trying to lose weight but up till now, she has not seen any huge improvement. Some social media users after coming across her post said that training to get a flat tummy or lose weight takes time. So she should continue the hard work without giving up.

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