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"This Vaccine Wants To Kill Me "Last Post Of A Medical Student Who Died After Taking Covid-19 Dose

A medical student died barely hours after receiving the injection, according to reports. The girl added, as she had before expressed on her social media pages: "This Vaccine wishes to exterminate my life.

 In my entire life on this planet, I have never had such a severe headache and chest pain ", These were the terms she used to describe the vaccine's negative effects shortly after it was administered. 

She didn't update anything else after that post. Right now, the young girl's death has been confirmed. Young girl, may you rest in peace.

We all know vaccine is certified by WHO and doesn't kill. I wonder what really transpired it's unfortunate she died in this manner. She cried for help, covid-19 has taken many souls and I pray she finds eternal rest In the Bossom of God.

God knows better the deceased who happened to be a medical student couldn't leave and actualise her dreams.

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