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Doctors Set For Surgery to Separate Conjoined Twins But For 3 Million Ghana Cedis

Doctors at the Ridge Hospital in Accra are set to perform a ground-breaking surgery to separate a conjoined twins.

Mother of the conjoined twins is appealing to the general public to assist her raise an amount of GHS3 million required to perform surgery.

According to Doctors, the surgery which will be the first in Ghana will bring together 135 experts from diverse fields of medicine.

Conjoined Twins are two babies who are born physically connected to each other. Conjoined Twins develop when an early embrayo only partially separates to form individuals. Although two features will develop from this embrayo, they will remain physically connected at the chest, abdomen, pelvis or head.

Many conjoined twins die before birth or die shortly after birth. However, it is possible to surgically separate some surviving conjoined twins. Thanks to advancement in medicine and technology. Nonetheless, the rate of survival of conjoined twins depends on where the twins are joined and which organs are shared as well as the experience and skills of the surgical team.

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