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Treat Stroke And Other Serious Ailments With Plantain Leaves And Save Time, Energy, And Resources.

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Plantain is an African plant that is eligible and easy to cook. As it's bearings are edible, it's leaves are also beneficiary as well and can be

used as husk for covering kenkey, another favourite African food and also to cure many ailments (which a few people are aware of).

I'm not here to teach you how to use the edible part of plantain but rather how to use it's leaves medically. What we will learn today is how to use the leaves to cure stroke which

has occurred for less than 24 hours (please take note) and also how to use to bring the aftermath of giving birth.

Below are how to prepare and administer the herbal medicine to people with the above ailments;

1. Cure Stroke

As I mentioned above, this method can only work on someone who has been striken for less than 24 hours. If it works after the 24 hours, then that person is really blessed.

To prepare, get the brown and dry leaves of the plantain, add ginger and boil all together. Give to the person every 2 hours until he you see changes. If nothing happens after the 24 hours, please seek for medical help.

2. Aftermath of Giving Birth

After a woman has given birth and the rest of the pregnancy refuse to come out, get a fresh leaf of the plantain (very soft one) and let her sit on for about 5 minutes. Everything will come out before the 5 minutes is up. Let her take a bath and rest after

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African Plantain


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