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Uncover statistically how COVID-19 has influenced the Ghanaian market

Hi there, David here, and you're welcome to Technicity. Taught COVID-19 is done and there is no trend that it can summon, right? Well, you aren't on the wrong path that much. COVID-19 looks like it's done, but wait, people died and even now people are dying. And in this article I have decided to show you how business life was, before and after COVID-19.

Over here, before you continue reading get a pen and lots of paper because you wouldn't want to forget any of these facts.

As the time of writing this article (04/07/2021) COVID-19 has "slapped" Ghana with;

925,611 samples tested.

96,067 infected cases.

93, 669 recovered patients.

1,536 active or treatment cases.

796 deaths.

9.3% positivity rate.

Statistical analysis

COVID-19 as we know it is one of the deadliest viruses the world has ever seen. Don't get me wrong here it is deadly not just because of its anguish symptoms but also the number of fatalities it has caused. The fact is, none of us have really tried to find out how huge these effects are.

So come along, let's walk around and compare the past and the present, you'll never know maybe leaving a like to this article will beckon we at Technicity to include the future sometime.

A chart showing how stress levels of children have leaped

The image below shows how children (aged: 6-17) have changed emotionally our country.

The number is the colored rectangles indicate the percentage of the total number of children affected.

COVID-19 has multiplied these figures by 30.3%.

Wanting to know what caused these, before COVID-19, the price of fuel was GHS 5.50 per gallon now its GHS 9.03 per gallon.

Another chart highlighting nutrition in children

Also the image below shows how children within this COVID-19 era eat.

COVID-19 in its own interest has also catapulted these figures by 30.3%. Increasing the prices of food and decreasing the rate of consumption.

A summary of we uncovered today with a plus

The 30.3% increase in fuel means that if an item was GHS 100.00, now it has shot up to GHS 130.3.

Now that's scary.

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This article was written for the Opera News by Technicity on, Saturday, 4th July, 2021.

Content created and supplied by: Technicity (via Opera News )

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