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These funny pictures will make your day

Laughing is one of the best medicine for every individual on this earth. The more we laugh the more we become healthy. Medical research says, those who laugh the most stands a high chance to live longer. Some of the things which makes us laugh include; funny pics, funny videos and skits. Life must also not be taken too seriously or else one can die of stress.

In today's article I will be showing you some of the funny pictures which I came across on my Facebook page. These funny pictures which I am about to show you can make you laugh till you cry. Without wasting much time, let us take a look at the funny pictures.

"We finally found ladies and gentlemen."🤣🤣

"When you are losing a swimming competition but your uncle is Moses."🤣🤣"I stopped watching Nigerian movies when a patient fainted at the hospital and the doctor shouted, call the ambulance."🤣🤣

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