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Checkout What Happened To These Female Nurses After Caught Sitting On “Aboboyaa” (Video)

The issue of transport in our rural areas is one that seems to now have been forgotten of by most people.

These and a few other reasons contribute to why a lit of citizens begin to look for other means if they get posted into such communities to serve.

Normally, we hear of Tertiary students who have been posted to such places opting for reposting mainly because of the unavailability of such amenities.

According to a video trending online which seems somehow funny but communicates a lot of information, a number of nurses were seen being conveyed by a tricycle with a few stuffs.

In the middle of their journey, the tricycle unfortunately rolled over a board on the path throwing all of it's content into the bush.

Issues concerning health are ones that need not to be joked with as any least mistake made will end up putting people's lives in danger.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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