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Companies Refuse To Give Me Work Because of My Face - Musa Modu

Disability is certainly not an excuse so why do individuals suffer because of circumstances over which they have no control? Musa Modu is a victim of having himself rejected as a result of an incident which had a hold of him when he was a child.

In a meeting with BBC Pigin, he described his nightmare in detail. I've been looking for job since I arrived in Lagos, but companies won't let me because of my illness. Although my peers do assist me in finding jobs, when I introduce who I am to the company, they see my face and refuse to hire me.

Perhaps by taking a look at me, they believe I am incapable of performing the task, but I believe I am capable of performing any task, Musa Modu explained.

Musa Modu's face from birth wasnt this way; as an infant, he was burned by fire while his parents worked on the field to enable them provide the family with food.

We pray that the same situation that happened to Mary Daniel (lady with a leg on the streets should happen to Musa Modu.

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