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Handsome Bodybuilder Gets Married To A Lifeless Doll After What He Realised About Women. Read all

Weird But True 

Yuri Tolochko and Margo's relationship hit the social media last December when they broke up days before Christmas. Having gone through months without her, the Kazakh macho man is currently proceeding onward and has found a new lover. He says ladies can't be trusted and he can't spend his lifetime with a lady.

He earlier on wedded a sex doll and later got separated from her following his own special reasons and now claims to have found another lady of the hour – a toy chicken with a human head. 

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, married Margo and organised a function for it which was attended by many visitors. 

Meanwhile, Yuri "cheated" on his self acclaimed beret half from an abnormal article he wrote and surprisingly attempted to get together with another sex doll. 

He is currently accomplishing his sexual incitement with a chicken sex doll with a human head uniquely designed.

On Thursday, March 11, Yuri posted on Instagram: "Let me acquaint with you my new spouse. 

"This is Lola. Lola is eccentric, she has not yet settled on her sexual orientation personality [she is in search]."

"Lola has a lady's head, a chicken's body, she is a naughty virgin and can be utilized as a with my p*nis embedded into it. I'll show you this one day. I distinguish her from a all chicks." 

He added: "We all said a final farewell to Margo. I'm not prepared to discuss the purposes behind that separation yet." 

In an odd video, Yuri is seen making love to Lola and another one he was dressing her up. 

Chickens are currently supplanting our female ladies. What a generation to be alive in. 

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2021-03-23 19:49:37 KE 

we jocks has no force for sex,thats why he

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