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Caster Leaves And Salt To Break All Curses And Afflictions.

Ricinus Communist Lin,is commonly known as is a perennial shrub.Caster belongs to the family Euphobiaceae....The therapeutic potential of the caster leaves are less known.The leaf juice is a purgative.

Caster root,seed and leaves are extensively used in Ayurveda treatment,both for externally and internally.Caster is aphrodisiac, relieve pain and useful in neurological disorder.However the spiritual aspect of caster leaves combined with salt is so amazing,if you mostly have bad dreams, spiritual attacks,or you are cursed in one way or the other, family Curses,if the calling of God that you have disobeyed in your life has brought Curses on you,wether it's false witness curses ect.If you have done any of these you can do this remedy and it William work for you.If you live in a house where there are many idols (gods), this is what they abhor(dislike). Anyone afflicted by idol manipulation (akom),apply this remedy and be free forever.Wherever Caster leaves and salt are,all idols immediately disappear. So in case any body burry juju on your land, house, shop market place, kindly do this direction at the place and immediately they will flee forever.

Direction:- find caster leaves that has seven fingers and pluck seven of them and add seven cups of rock salt, put them together in a mortar and pound them.Add a little to your bath water every night starting from your day of birth for fourteen days and you are free.Tested and proven.In the case of land, houses, market and others,dig four corners and put small inside them and cover with your left leg and in case of room sprinkle.

I will later write on how to break the curse of(licking) the term for men and women that put their mouth into genital area of their partners ignorant of its spiritual implications.

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