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Good News To All Ghanaians Planning To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine

Good News To All Ghanaians Planning To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine

Ghana has received doses of the coronavirus vaccines, and some top personalities have expressed their willingness to take the vaccine.

Others have also decided to disregard the awareness created by these top Ghanaian personalities and reluctantly made up their minds not to take the jabs.

Some have indicated the vaccine can lead to impotency in men. Others have disclosed the vaccine is a mark of the 666 end time prophecy.

These speculations have compelled some Ghanaians to refuse being injected with doses of the vaccine.

Some citizens said they will never take the vaccine because, they believe there may be some side effects that come with the intake of the vaccine.

However, recent remarks given by some top Ghanaian personalities indicate there is no cause for alarm.

The first gentleman of the land, Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo has taken a jab of the vaccine and till now nothing has happened to him. His wife has also taken his dose of the imported vaccine, and we still haven't heard anything negative about the aftereffect of the vaccine.

Aside these two citizens, some traditional leaders and chiefs have also been given the vaccine, and they are doing perfectly well. This indicates the speculations surrounding the intake of the COVID-19 vaccine are false.

Aside the president and his vice, the flag bearer of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama, his wife, and some media personalities who have taken the vaccine are currently very healthy.

From the following observations, it is clear the intake of the newly imported COVID-19 vaccines are very safe for the usage of citizens.

This is good news since most Ghanaians are going to be free from contracting the deadly virus after they have taken their jabs completely.

I would like to use this platform to encourage everyone to get vaccinated against the virus when the time comes.

As a good citizen, I will like you to share this article to create awareness, and encourage others to get vaccinated as well.


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