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Dealing With Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a fat dissolved in the blood , A fat like substance found in the body .

It's made up of Carbon , Hydrogen and Oxygen

Those are the elements you find in a periodic table of elements .When those things are broken down or used up in your body , they make carbon dioxide & water ..


Cholesterol does a lot of things / Several things (1).It helps you digest food / it helps get food into your body to your blood stream.

(2) It helps you to absorb certain nutrients .Things we call the Fat Soluble Vitamins A,D,E,&K 

(3).CHOLESTEROL is also used on the production of some of the hormones that we consider SEXUAL HORMONES .

Things like TESTOSTERONE & ETROGEN and some other hormones .So it does play a role .

-We need some cholesterol .

-We don't the large amounts found in our diet

..We can reduce cholesterol level that are high to normal but using natural methods 

QUESTION - Is Cholesterol A Hero or VILLAIN 

--Cholesterol is a Hero in the body because it is responsible for many functions on the body .


- When we get stressed out ?

-Guess what makes the hormone to help you calm down ?

-- It is Cholesterol..

QUESTION : Which organ manufactures cholesterol?

-It is the LIVER 

.The LIVER makes cholesterol & takes the Cholesterol and makes BILE .

- The Bile salts are used to dissolve the fat , to make them digestible

-BILE is produced in the LIVER & stored in the GALLBLADDER .

Never let anyone tell you that you don't need your gallbladder or any part .According to 1Corinthians 12 , all body parts are necessary 


-What foods contain cholesterol?

▪ (Answer)

All Animal Products 

-When you eat the meat , you consume the cholesterol 

All animals , fish & birds that are the cleaners of the earth are high in cholesterol .

● In Oceans , there things called ("TRUE CHEMICAL FACTORIES ) some of the most advanced factories in the Ocean )- 

-These are your (CRUSTACEANS )

.Crustaceans eat anything that is toxic, oily , or anything that is dead , that not be broken down , these crustaceans eat that item , whatever it is , and by the time it comes through the Crudtacean ''s body , it is something that is acceptable to the ECO-SYSTEM .

This is what we call a True Chemical Industry ..Bio -Degradable 

We serve an awesome God , and He knew what He was doing when He created these creatures ..

He knew what He was doing when He tells mankind , not to eat them.

..Read Leviticus 11 and Deut 14 


(We find highest forms of Cholesterol in Shrimp, Lobster , The Conq, The Crab ..all of those items also OYSTERS and Calms 

..These UNCLEAN MEATS mentioned have RAPID DECAY 

..Lobsters are cooked alive so that they don't decay because they have RAPID DECAY characters ..

So why should we eat such foods ?


Q: What is cholesterol?

A : A fat like substance 

Q : Which organ of the body manufactures the cholesterol ? 

A : Liver 

Q: Which foods contain cholesterol ? 

A : All animal food 

Q: Do plants contain cholesterol ? 

A: No 

Q: Can the good fats raise your cholesterol ? (YES)


- Cholesterol is carried in the body by a protein called GLYCEROL

There are (3 ( different types of proteins that carry the GLYCEROLAND that is where we get " TRIGLYCERIDES 

..There are (3) types of proteins 

(1 ) LDL ( low density lipoprotein 

(2) HDL (High Density lipoprotein 

(3) VLDL 

NOTE : This is where we get the Triglycerides 

(LDL ) is not bad cholesterol 

LDL is necessary bit it should not be high 

HDL is for 

(1) Protecting the heart 

..SYMPTOMS/SIGNS of Excessive Cholesterol:

▪ Coronary artery disease aka CAD 

-Atherosclerosis -plaque build up inside the arteries 

•Arteriosclerosis -Hardening of the arteries 

• High blood pressure 

• Poor Circulation 

• Blood clots 

• Slow wound healing 

• Erectile Dysfunction 


-Pain in the hands and feet 

-Chest pain 

"People need to be taught that drugs do not cure disease.It is true that they sometimes afford present relief ,and the patient appears to recover as a result of their use ; this is because nature has sufficient vital force to excel the poison and to correct the conditions that caused the disease .Health is recovered in spite of the drug .But in most cases the DRUG only changed the former and location of the disease .Of tenth effect of the poison seems to be overcome for a time , but the results remain in the system and work great harm at some later period ((MH 126.3)

By the use of poisonous drugs , many bring upon themselves lifelong illness ... (MH 126.4)

-Remember nature's way of healing is gradual (MH 127.3)

-You are not going to recover over night 

-You didn't take the disease over night and it won't be fixed over night ..IF YOU WANT A PRAYER OF FAITH TO BE ANSWERED -you have to follow the principles .

That's why Jess said "Go and sin no more " or a worse thing will come up on thee (John 5:14)

-REMEMBER THIS ..."Hod helps those only who help themselves ".. (LP 267.1)

--Read also 

" It is labor lost to teach people to go to God as a HEALER of their infirmities unless they are educated to lay aside every wrong practice and cease to indulge perverted appetite.They must be taught to use the provisions God has given .To refuse the remedies which they may as well have as not without paying a doctor's fee , to neglect to let into every room in the house God's pure air and sunshine, shows a lack of faith in Him.Faith in God's power to heal infirmities is dead unless the one diseased improves the light God has given him by bringing g his habits into harmony with right principles ."(MM 262.2)

---"If God were to work a miracle in restoring persons to health , He would be encouraging Sin "(MH 227.3)

-- MEDICATION GIVEN by Doctors regarding cholesterol problems 

.."STATINS " Liptor. .Crestor. .& Lovastatin

..They have their own common 100 + side effects 

• muscle pain & weakness 

•numbness and nerve damage 

.• extreme fatigue

• shortness of breath 

• confusion problems 

• depression & hostility 

• sexual dysfunction

• heart failure 

...Something to keep in mind 

"-There are many who are in such haste to climb to distinction that they skip some of the rounds of the ladder and in so doing lose experience which they must have in order to become intelligent workers .In their zeal the of knowledge. Many things look unimportant to then .They skim over the surface and do not go deep into the mine of truth ..." (CT 476.2)



- flaxseed 


-Grape fruit 

..chicken peas


Yams--strawberries --sunflower seeds -- Avocados. .pears ..Guava. .Rye. ..Olives..Eggplant...Olives ..All types of beans ...Alfalfa. .Oats .Artichokes. .String beans ...Sesame seeds ..Apples ..Grapes ...Corn. (non GMO )

--Eat foods rich in vitamin E oil 

..wheat germ.  Sunflower seeds. Pumpkin seeds ...nuts. almonds. Hazelnuts...peanuts........Olives Avocados ...Sesame seeds ...Spinach ...Rye ..Broccoli. .Mango...Guava. ..Fig ...Tamarind..Grapes ...

Drink 16oz of water in the morning g with the juice of 2 lemons 





Mighty Moringa tree 


..Activated charcoal 

It is highly recommended that you do a liver Cleanse found on the "Physiology of the liver " document 

Credits to 

Brother Jones Mokaya 

And Worker Brother FRIDAY

Content created and supplied by: Dihyab (via Opera News )

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