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Here Are 5 Benefits Of Soaking Bitter Kola, Alligator Pepper In Coconut Water

Bitter Kola is very good for your health, it improves your sex drive, boosts libido in both males and females, and regulates ovulation. Bitter kola does not serve traditional purposes only, it can be used to treat different ailments.

Alligator pepper is also highly medicinal, it contains nutrients that can enhance your well-being.

Coconut water is good for your health. It’s refreshing and tasty. It contains many nutrients needed for your well-being and enhances memory.


1. Bitter kola.

2. Alligator pepper.

3. Coconut water.

4. A clean container.


1. Get coconut water and pour in a bowl into

2. Get bitter kola and alligator pepper. Cut them into s.

3. Put the bitter kola and alligator pepper, in the bowl that contains the coconut water.

4. Allow it to soak for 4– 5 days.

On the fourth day bring it out and drink the juice once or twice a day on my stomach. It is safe and will not cause any untoward side effects or complications.


1. This mixture gets rid of respiratory problems.

2. It slashes off excess belly fat

3. It reduces pains in the body.

4. This mixture help treats diabetes.

5. Treats and prevents prostate cancer in men. However, men above 40 years, should go for routine prostate screening to help catch a possible diseased prostate.

6. Drinking the juice derived from bitter kola and coconut water help to reduce your blood sugar level.

7. It helps to get rid of all forms of body inflammation and even infection.

9. It expels harmful toxins from the body. Bitter kola soaked in coconut water detoxifies the body system.

10. Soothes body aches

Good for general wellbeing

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