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Sleeping on your Stomach is very Dangerous. Here's why

Everyone has his or her own way of sleeping depending on a particular position they want. Some sleep on their backs, others sleep on their stomachs and others too on their sides. There are certain people who never sleep until they switch to their favorite sleeping position. But do you know your sleeping position can have an effect on your health?

Sleeping on your stomach may although be very comfortable and prevent sleep apnea such as excessive snoring, it can really affect your health. Sleeping on your stomach can cause severe pains and problems to the middle part of your body. Thus, from your waist through your spinal cord to your neck.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not sleep on your stomach.

•   It is dangerous to sleep on your stomach because your arteries and backbone becomes very narrow since your head will definitely be turned sideways. When this happens, the brain does not get enough blood.

People with bad cholesterol and blocked arteries will suffer from lack of oxygen into the brain. This is very dangerous since it could result in a result in a severe brain damage or death.

•   Sleeping on your stomach will also compress the chest to the extent that, you may find it difficult to get enough oxygen to breath. This makes you feel more tired in the morning instead of being refreshed.

•   Another effect of sleeping on the stomach is that, it puts pressure on organs such as the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and pancreas. Also, it can lead to the development of gastritis, acid reflux and ulcer.

•   Research has proven that, sleeping on your stomach can also cause wrinkles on your face as time goes by. The cells on your face are always compressed by the pillow and the signs are always visible to see in the morning.

•   Further, your knees, elbows and feet may twist as a result of sleeping on your stomach. This may result in sores and strains.

However, there are times it may be good to sleep on your stomach. At times, one may be suffering from the back and shoulders as a result of hard days work and may like to sleep on the stomach to get some relief. When this happens, change position after a little while. Children below the age of one(1) feel comfortable and secured while sleeping on their stomach. As a result, it helps them release cramps making them sleep for longer hours.

One may ask, how can you sleep throughout the night without changing position to sleep on the stomach? One trick that you can do is to sew some small balls or hair rollers in front of your night dress. When you do this, it will be difficult for you to sleep on your stomach during the night.

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