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Things We Do That Damage The Eye

The human eye is a very delicate part of the body. It is there for vision, helping us have sight for seeing and being able to move about freely. Therefore any damage inflicted on the eye, could change the course of a person's life. We must do well to take very good care of this important part of the body, and to ensure its safety and effective usage.

But we are humans, we can't always be careful with the things we do. Certain circumstances occur which tend to inflict damage onto the eye, most of which result from our actions. Some things we do damage our eye, and if not looked into could lead to a permanent effect.

Things we do that damage the eye

Constantly rubbing the eyes

Too much screen time

Staring directly at the sun or any light emitting object

Unprescribed or overuse of eye drops


Drinking too much alcohol

Hitting the eye

Using mobile phones in the dark or even watch tele where there is little light

People must definitely take precautions as how to effectively care for their eyes, to prevent any damage that could be fatal.

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