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For Those With Asthma, Prevent The Attacks By Not Doing The Following

Asthma means twitchy airways. Your bronchial airways suddenly contract, you feel a tightness in your chest, you become short of breath, and you cough and wheeze. In the under 40 group, probably 90 percent of asthma is triggered by an allergy. Tree, wees and grass pollens, animal dander, dust mites, and mold are the biggest allergic triggers for asthma. To find out how to control these common allergens, follow the tips below.

Air-condition your house and car if you can afford it.

Install an air cleaner.

Buy a dehumidifier.

wear a face mask.

Isolate your pets in you have one.

replace your carpet with throw rugs.

To prevent asthma attacks, follow these simple but very effective tips below.

Stay out of smoke-filled rooms

people with asthma should not smoke, but recent study done shows that people around the asthmatic should not smoke either.

Don't light a fire

throwing another log on fire, or in the wood stove, will also fuel asthma.

Take an antacid at bedtime

Going to sleep on a full stomach might also feed your asthma. Asthma can be caused by stomach reflux which is a condition in which acid backs up into your esophagus from your stomach.

Stay out of the deep freeze

you open your door, step outside, and get hit with a blast of arctic air. What can you do? Stay indoors when it is really cold outside.

Buy a large scarf

If staying indoors isn't possible, however make sure you keep your mouth and nose covered when going outside. Cold air can trigger asthma, but when you have scarf or mask covering your mouth and nose, you end up breathing in warm. humid air which is good for you.

I hope this was helpful. Ask whatever question you have about this in the comment section below. Thank you for reading. Like and share with your friends and loved ones.

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