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Here are some benefits of adding avocados to your diet.

The general importance of fruits in our diets and bodies are undisputed and a good example is the avocado. It has so many benefits in a lot of aspects of our lives,below are a few ;

1.Avocado aids in memory boosting;It has been proven through countless research that regular consumption of avocado directs more blood to the brain, which improves our thinking and problem solving skills.It also improves our cognitive abilities and function.

2.It helps fertility, both in men and women;Avocado contains zinc which protects the sperm and also has monounsaturated fats that helps protect the uterus lining for women.

3.Avocado can also help you lose weight ;Researchers report that the fats in avocado are very filling and therefore should be added to the diet of a person who's trying to eat less.It also reduces high blood pressure.

4.Avocado has vitamins that protect the skin and the fats also protect the cells.It also has exfoliating properties and naturally cleanses the skin when regularly consumed.

You can add avocados to your diet by blending it into smoothies, adding it to fruit salads or adding it as a basic food supplement.

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