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5 Important Benefits Of Sobolo On Our Health Which You Dont Know

Roselle juice popularly known as Bisap or Sobolo as we affectionately call it in Ghana, is a drink made from the hibiscus flower. This drink is prepared by infusing the hibiscus leaves into hot water and allowing to boil for some minutes, and when a red or dark shaded water is obtained it is the used to prepared this Natural drink.

The sweet drink is often mixed with Natural fruit juices like pineapple, and lemon and some natural spices, which gives it an amazing taste and it is very good for our health.

Though we enjoy taking this drink especially at events and on hot afternoons, we do not know the significant role this Natural drink play on our health apart from it quenching our thirst and serving our tongues with something great.

Here are some benefits of our traditional Sobolo drink on our health and reasons why we should take them often.


Sobolo decreases our cholestrol level and prevents the body from high cholestrol which helps to prevent a number of serious diseases.

2.Relieves Menstrual Cramps.

It helps in restoring our hormone balance which helps in relieving painful Menstrual Cramps.

3.Quick relieve of cold

Regarding the ingredients used in preparing this Natural drink, it is packed with lots of vitamin C which helps to prevents common cold and flu.

4.It aids in digestion.

sobolo contains certain properties which help in digestion of foods and liquids.

5. It reduces our blood pressure.

Studies shows that the hibiscus leaves works better than most high pressure medications as it helps to keep our blood pressure under control.

All these are health benefits of our local Sobolo drink which most of us did not even know as we only drink for enjoyment sake. Sobolo must be taken frequently as it plays a significant role on our lives.

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By: Sweetina.

Content created and supplied by: Sweetina (via Opera News )

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