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“Bend Down Boutique” And Covid-19: A Health Threat To Ghanaians

“Bend Down Boutique” And Covid-19: A Health Threat To Ghanaians 

Many Ghanaians have shown little or no concerns concerning the patronage of second hand clothing popularly known as “bend down boutique.

The utilization of second hand clothing possesses health hazards to the lives of Ghanaians, exclusively during this covid-19 pandemic. Most Ghanaians disregard the health problems prior to the use of second hand goods due to its cheap market and affordability. They prefer the purchase of second hand goods to real boutique goods. 

Second hand clothes are one of the common types of goods on the market due to the affordable nature of these clothes. In Accra the most popular place for buying and selling used goods, is the Kantamanto Market. According to some of the sellers, these clothes are purchased in bulks, consisting of shirts, dresses, pants, T-shirts, jeans, trousers, towels, underwear for both male and female and all other types of clothing, and sell them.  

These cloths are usually spread on the floor for consumers to select from their choices. Prior to the manner in which the cloths are being sold with respects to the fact that one has to be in a bending position when buying, it has been given the nickname “bend down boutique”.

In as much as second hand goods are illegal in Ghana, some people say it is very fortunate, owing that it is very affordable, one can acquire clothes for any amount of money in hand and that it can stand the test of time compared to the real boutique cloths that fade easily. 

Though market traders have been banned from selling second hand goods, most traders say it is not true that it is illegal because the government has not made any effort to prevent them from selling used goods in Ghana.

In as much as the utilization of second hand clothing is financially beneficial, the health threats it possess should not be neglected especially in this covid-19 pandemic, prior to the surge in the number of positive cases being recorded everyday.

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