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Disease prevention and treatment

Before the White man, there were Herbalists and herbs.

Africans have treated themselves of various ailment before the introduction of alien Europeans orthodox medicine, all of which are toxic and do not react naturally to the human body. These chemicals when taken, gives you temporary relieve and in the long run, gives you more complicated ailment.

Ghanaians herbalist treat various ailments such as malaria ‘attridee' chickenpox ‘ntobro’ anemia, Headache, stomachache, eye problems. Infertility in both male and female, mental disorder, bone setting and others.

These indigenous medical practitioners use varied herbs such as leaves, tree barks, roots of trees to cure their clients. They prepare these items into various mixtures or concoctions which are administered to the client upon strict directions as how to go about the use of the drug.

Most of the preparations are taken orally. There is also the use of cutting to treat boils. In some cases incisions are done and a substance applied.

When the ailment is contagious the client is isolated and treated. 

There is also the use of talisman and black powder for protection and treatment as well. The black powder which the Ewes of Ghana call ‘etsii’ is prepared from sacred animals.

Treatment of ailments by the indigenous medical practitioner or the herbalist is not only physical but also spiritual and psychological.

The herbalist prays on the herbs and some time drops a coin at the base of the herbs before plucking, cutting or uprooting. The significance of which is to appease the gods and ask for their blessing to make the herbs efficacious.

During the treatment the client is assured of healing and not to worry. This put the client at ease and psychologically ready for the treatment.

Indigenous health care was not only curative but also preventive. Many households in Ghana before the arrival of Europeans were having a herb pot containing herbal preparation that every member of the household drinks every morning.

Enema is administered to children and adults occasionally to prevent unforeseen ailments. 

There are preparations for men that boost their strength and their sexual performance in bed with their wives and girlfriends.

The problem of the indigenous health care sector is the infiltration of quack and half-baked herbal practitioners. When these fake herbal practitioners are weeded out and the genuine one well organized, certified and monitored, the indigenous herbal practice will take the center stage again and will attract foreigners who want to try alternative treatment for their ailments.

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