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How beneficial could mango leaves be?

Mango could be a succulent fruit enjoyed by most people and animals, but have we thought of what it's leaves could do? Before that, let me brief you on a little bit about the history of mangoes. Well, I believe everything that is existent has got an origin and history so do mangoes. Mangoes have been one of the most cultivated fruits in the world and has been cultivated for thousand of years. Some research and studies have shown that mangoes are said to have been introduced by Buddhist monk in South East Asia. And then, it spread through China, Persia, East Africa and to the rest of the world. Mangoes are said to have high nutritional values such as antioxidants, vitamin B and C and contain some anti-inflammatory properties. In as much as the fruit is of much importance, the leaves are too. So do not take them for granted. Mangoes leaves could be a source of great herbal medicine. They are full of healing and medicinal properties. They have high contents of Vitamin A, B and C, contain powerful antioxidants properties as it entails high amounts of phenols and flavonoids.

Did you know that mango leaves regulates diabetes? Oh Yes! They are very useful in managing diabetes. The very tender and soft leaves of the mango usually called the anthocyanins which may have some amounts of tannis in them helps in treating diabetes at it's early stage. All you need to do is to soak fresh mango leaves in a cup of water overnight. Drink this from time to time and this helps relieve quiet a number of symptoms of diabetes.

Again, mango leaves are best in lowering blood pressure. They help in strengthening blood vessels due to it's hypotensive properties. You know people suffering from cold, asthma, bronchitis and such? Having painful respiratory problems? Well it's time to overcome that. Mango leaves have got you covered. Boiling mango leaves in a cup of water with a little honey is a very effective remedy to coughs and helps curing voice loss. For this remedy, I tried personally and it really worked. It's free, natural, very effective and readily available. You know that terrible hiccups you've been suffering from and other problems of the throat? Mango leaves can be a great home remedy for that. Simply burn some mango leaves and inhale the smoke for some time. This helps clear hiccups.

These days we're buying expensive products for our hair growth routine and stuffs. Using mango leaves is one of the ancient methods used in growing hair real quick. Due to it's high levels of Vitamin C and A it boosts the production of collagen which is necessary for healthy hair. Very effective in the treatment of dandruff and scalp nourishment. For this, make a fine paste of mango leaves. Apply the paste in your hair for about 10 minutes. Wash immediately. Try out some mango leave tea, mango green smoothie.

Well after a hard day's work under this dashing sun, you can still choose to have a chilled glass of refreshing mango drink.

Content created and supplied by: TayaMashoud (via Opera News )

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