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These Drugs Are Not Good For Consumption

Drug- an illegal substance that people take to stimulate the nervous system.

In other words, they are substances that affect the senses. Most drugs are addictive ( that is, people who use them find it difficult to refrain from their use).

And drug users who are hooked to additive drugs are known as drug addicts.

Types Of Drugstypes Of Drugs.

1. Psychoactive drugs- These are drugs that act mainly on the brain, producing altered states of mood, consciousness, perception, and the nervous system. Examples include tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana.

Most psychoactive drugs are abused ( misused or used illegally).

2. Sedative drugs- are drugs that give a calming effect.

3. Hypnotic drugs - are drugs that have a sleep- inducing effect.

Barbiturates- are drugs used mainly to treat insomnia ( sleeplessness).

Amphetamines, also known as upper or pep pills, are synthetic drugs.

Stimulants- These are used to boost alertness and delay tiredness or fatigue.

Steroids are (illegally) used mainly sportsmen to enhance performance. For example former Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was striped of his gold medal at the Seoul Olympic Games, and disqualified for using an illegal substance - anabolic steroids.

Narcotics analgesics are drugs meant to kill pain as well as induce calmness.

Beta blockers ----- are substances used mainly by archers and marksmen. These drugs are noted for slowing heartbeat and putting the body in steady position.

Diuretic ------- are drugs taken ( usually by sportsmen) to ensure rapid loss of weight, and to conceal other prohibited substances if doping tests are made.

Opiate narcotics or Opiates for short, cover such illicit/ illegal drugs as opium, morphine and heroin.

Inhabitants are illegal drugs which are inhaled for a quick high. Substance often inhaled by drug users include paints, gasoline, insecticide, furniture polish, aerosols and a wide number of fluids.

As a group, these inhalants are popularly known referred to as VOLATILE SOLVENTS

Psychedelics/hallucinogens ---- These are drugs that create illusion and moods and give the user a fake perceptions.

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