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Muscle-recovery foods to eat after an intense workout session

1.Foods for muscle recovery

Physically, your workout may seem the most strenuous part of your fitness routine. With all that sweat and strain, you're likely to feel exhausted and drained out. But that's when you should pay more attention to yourself than ever. While workout is one of the most important aspects of fitness, the real deal begins post-workout, when your muscles are recovering. Paying attention to what you put into your body after completing an intense session of exercise is what is of prime importance. That said, here are the best foods for muscle recovery after your workout routine.


Those who are on a keto diet or a low carb diet, can add avocado to their diet. It has a high level of healthy fats along with electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, which help reduce muscle cramps after workout and improve muscle contraction.

Additionally, an avocado can also reduce cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular health.

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