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Stop: Don't eat these 4 fruits if you have diabetes.

Fruits are a healthy option as a snack and as part of a balanced meal. It has many important nutrients, such as fiber. However, some fruits have a high sugar content, which can cause blood sugar to spike. Unfortunately most individuals do not know this and end up over eating these fruits causing a rise in their condition.

It has been recommended that people with diabetes should include fruits as part of a balanced diet. Eating fruits and vegetables generally may put a person at lower risk of developing heart disease and cancer this is because fruits are an important source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

However, fruits can also be very high in sugar. People with diabetes must keep a watchful eye on their sugar intake to avoid blood sugar spikes.

Individuals must know there is a difference between the type of sugar in fruit and the type of sugar in other foods, such as chocolate and baked goods.

In general, a pppersowwith diabetes should not have to completely exclude fruits from their diet. In fact, people have suggested that eating fruits can help prevent diabetes.

However, it may be a lot of good to people who already have diabetes limiting their intake of these four fruits.

The first fruit on the list is watermelon,

Watermelon contains a lot of natural sugar, people with diabetes must reduce their intake to prevent a rise or spike in their condition.

The second fruit is dried dates,

Those who eat dates know how sweet they are, they must be careful as to prevent a spike in their condition.

The third fruit is pineapple,

Pineapples are sweet and are high in sugar, becareful not to eat too much to cause any damages.

The last but not the least is overly ripe bananas,

These fruits are still safe for a person with diabetes to eat. However, they should do so in moderation and carefully. Consuming larger portions of fruits that have lower GI scores may be more suitable for a person with diabetes.

Remember too much of everything is bad, even natural sugars.

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