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Comedy: Doctors says I should eat food containing Iron

Food is eaten to give as energy to go about our daily activities as well enable us grow healthily devoid of sicknesses or any form of ailments. Vast are reasons why people don't, eat some to fulfill religious obligations while others either lost of appetite or being allergic to certain food items.

For these reasons, man can't totally thrive on earth without feeding. Despite the fact that we are to eat doesn't mean we can consume anything we like since some of these things pose a threat to our wellbeing in general.

In view of this, Mr Kojo from a Town called M3niy3miya has decided to include an iron in his meals in the quest to follow a directive he was given by a doctor who acts the director of a directorate of a renowned health facility in the aforementioned neighbourhood.

When approached by an enlightened grandson, he said the doctor said he he's suffering from anaemia so he should include iron-rich foods in his menu.

Is Mr Kojo actions results of lack of civilisation or a quest to survive.


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